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The Role That Occupational Therapy Plays in Home Health

The Role That Occupational Therapy Plays in Home Health

Not everyone is aware of this, but believe it or not, practitioners of occupational therapy are integral components of the patient care provided by a CHAP-accredited and Medicare-certified home health agency in Chula Vista, California. As a matter of fact, they play key roles in implementing administrative requirements, improving efficiency, and optimizing patient outcomes. Below are some reasons why occupational therapists are effective elements of home health:

  • Occupational therapy practitioners can conduct admission visits and the initial, start-of-care comprehensive assessment to establish the eligibility of therapy-only patients for home health care in California. Aside from that, occupational therapy also helps therapists address home safety issues and identifies established routines for patients’ increased participation in their personalized care plans.
  • Occupational therapy qualifies Medicare patients for continued home health eligibility. Even if clients require occupational therapy services alone and no other skilled nursing in California, it can already extend their Medicare eligibility in accordance with the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual.
  • Occupational therapists can help other members of the patients’ respective healthcare teams to understand the best and most effective techniques in assessing the patients’ individual needs. In effect, this enables the team to develop a care plan that is most suited to the patients they are serving and which would allow the latter to realize their goals of quality home health in San Diego.
  • Practitioners of occupational therapy can provide assistance with supervising home health aides and in training them, based on the unique training and perspective that they have accumulated from their experience. This actually results in the maximization of patient care effectiveness and in the promotion of patients’ recovery. They can also help “polish” the aide care plans so that patients can move toward independence in their self-care, thereby speeding their progress while lowering their need for home health care.

Make sure to call on our occupational therapists at Modern Home Health Care, Inc. for your loved ones’ care.

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