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The Surprising Importance of Skincare in Seniors

The Surprising Importance of Skincare in Seniors

Wrinkles and painful joints aren’t the only things to worry about we get older. Our bodies will go through many biological changes as we age. You will notice that your skin is not as supple or smooth as it used to be. This is because the skin becomes thinner throughout the years, making it much weaker and prone to infections. In fact, our home health in San Diego often has to deal with several skin infections in our senior clients.

Modern Home Health Care, Inc. reiterates the importance of skincare for older adults. Though many think that skincare is mostly done for aesthetic purposes only, that’s not the whole truth.

Skincare is essential in keeping the skin strong and hydrated; this means lesser drying, irritation, and infections. We always stress the importance of skincare to our caregivers in our home health agency in Chula Vista, California, because want each client to be cared for inside and out.

Putting on some lotion is not enough to keep the skin healthy. Since the aged skin is sensitive, it requires milder soaps and regular moisturization. There are, of course, other factors to consider, and that’s why you’ll have to consult with your loved ones’ doctors. It’s okay if you’re feeling overwhelmed; you can always trust our home healthcare in California to help.

If your loved ones have specific medical needs for their skin, don’t worry. We have skilled nursing in California that you can take advantage of should your loved one’s doctor prescribe it.

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