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Addressing Frequently Asked Questions About PT

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions About PT

Physical Therapy or PT is an auxiliary treatment process that helps patients who wish to attain quality home health in San Diego to improve or regain their balance and mobility. People who endure muscle and joint pain, have had surgery, suffered from a stroke, or are recovering from a sports injury, are usually the ones in need of physical therapy.

The basic premise of this treatment is that an individual’s body is changing in a manner that is affecting the way they function and their quality of life. Looking at their physical dysfunction, a physical therapist from your local CHAP-accredited and Medicare-certified home health agency in Chula Vista, California determines the steps that the person should take in order to improve their physical condition. During a therapy session, the physical therapist may have to re-educate the client on how to move properly or lift something correctly, depending on what could be contributing to the problem. However, the prevalent practice is for the therapist to apply hands-on techniques (e. g., soft-tissue work to massage tight muscles) or do manual manipulation to improve mobility in connective tissues, joints, and skeletal muscles. An exercise prescription is also central to each session.

At Modern Home Health Care, Inc., our physical therapists may sometimes push clients receiving home health care in California, beyond their comfort zone (just a bit) to encourage them to go beyond their self-perceived limitations. The goal here is for the client to get to the point where they are able to maintain themselves without being reliant on their therapist, their medications, or other treatments. It is important to remember, however, that physical therapy isn’t a quick fix, and the number of sessions you need to take will also depend on the length of time it takes your body to repair itself.

Are you looking for skilled nursing in California as well to help you achieve your treatment goals much faster? Look no further. We have registered nurses, social workers, dieticians, and CHHA, too, who can serve you under your physicians’ supervision. Get in touch with us today!

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